Sunday, 25 May 2008


WTF does wtf stand for!

WTF! - One of the most commonly used acronyms in the universe today, especially in the outer regions of the Canis major constellation - in the doggy star Sirius(where the original acronym expanded to "Where's the FOOD") , and the acronym that was voted the most politically correct acronym by the WTFederation of politically correct acronyms.

If you are wondering WTF I'm talking about, you must either be George Bush or the little giraffe that escaped from the Timbuctoo Zoo last week(Go back to your mommy, you little freak!)

Now for WtFact of the day! The moment you've all been waiting for (since the same time yesterday)

-The largest Man-made WTF is the Great wall of China! When seen from the dark side of the moon, using a convex mirror and through the glass of an empty Vodka bottle, you can clearly see the letters "WTF" written in an old Mandarin script that was stolen from Canada back in November 1976.(Rumours that the entire Great wall of China was transported from the Ottawa province in Quebec Canada in October 1975 are currently under investigation by the WTFBI)

-The largest ever WTF in the universe is, shockingly, hidden in the Ursa Major.
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The extremely clever ancient Greek philosophers made up the story about the Great Bear to cover up the real truth behind this wonderful constellation. They knew that every kid in the universe would look up at the night sky at the Ursa major and say "WTF! I don't see any goddamn bear!" And right away, the truth would dawn on them and they would never mention this again to anyone, anywhere. Thus, a balance is established and the universe remains stable as ever.

That's all for this edition of WtFact of the day. Thank you for your attention.
Next up on this network - the new hit reality show "Unguja" from the super-posh party island of Zanzibar, off the coast of Afghanistan. Stay tuned!


Beashtu said...

WTF Rules!

JingiChiki said...

i read all the posts of yours i was very lazy to post in each of them so i am posting it here....amazing trip man...I wish i could do one like that...I am sure I will...

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Read it again. I probably enjoyed it more than the previous time :P

And yes, I think its ur greatest work till date.